Planet Centauri Lua API


Tutorial: Lua monster integration


Name Description
InputKey Required for the virtual keyboard Input functions
RectAnchor Required for some Rect functions
HitType Required for some functions return
DamageType Elemental/physical types listing of damages
ProjectionPower Required for Damage
BulletMotionType Define the bullet motion possible types
DigitType Required for some functions
MonsterRarityColor Define shiny rarities
MonsterSexe Define the sexes possible values for monsters.
RendererLayer -



Type Description
Cell Unsigned coordinate system for tiles location.
Vec2 Floatting point coordinate system for entities position.
Rect Axis aligned bounding box structure.
Color 32 bits RGBA color structure.
Input Virtual keyboard.


Type Description
Hit Required for some entities functions.
HitForce Define the velocity/force of a projection
Damage Entity damages representation.


Type Description
StatusEffect Entity status effect definition.
StatusEffectParam Used to define status effects from the moddable files.
AlterationStatus Status of any entity is contained in this structure.
MonsterRarity Define the rarity of a monster.
MonsterSpawnAttributes Structure used for monster creation.
StatusEffectDef Used for monster creation.
MonsterEffectTable Used for monsters creation.
Focus Used for monsters AI.
MonsterPointerCollection Contains pointers of monsters.
MonsterAttributesCore -
ItemMonsterAttribute -
MonsterPetParam -
MonsterSpawnParam -
AliveEntity -
Monster -
LandAIBrain -
LandMonster -


Type Description
BulletBounce Bullet motion.
BulletDirectional Bullet motion.
BulletDirectionalExt Bullet motion.
BulletFollowTarget Bullet motion.
BulletGravity Bullet motion.
BulletWall Bullet motion.
BulletAttributes Define the internal attributes of any bullet.


Type Description
TextureAtlas Texture atlas structure for sprites packing and rendering.
Game Contains everything about the current game state.
GameAssets Contains global assets of the game, like shaders and textures.
GameShaders Shaders container.
GameTexAtlas Texture atlas container.
GlobalFrame Used by many rendering functions to animate sprites.
WorldContext Contains the world and everything needed to make it work.
ParticleSystem -
Renderer -
RenderState -
RenderStateIndexed -
StreamData -