Building Mode

Building mode is highly recommended for the use of the logic system. You can access it when you create a new character.

On building mode you can:

  • copy and paste areas of blocks and objects
  • share areas copied: they are stored in the clipboard as text
  • import structures from text in base64
  • drop any item without having to craft it
  • use infinite amount of items
  • place objects far away the player
  • use commands to, move the camera freely, stop time…

Hold C to copy an area. You can see a white rectangle on the selection. Paste with V, erase with N.

Warning: the selection rectangle is visible only on zoom x1 (bug).

Usefull commands

Command Description
/time 0 Stop the time
/night Set time to night
/day Set time to day
/freefly Move the camera with arrow keys
/shadows Toggle shadows
/stoprain Stop the rain
/drop ind Drop the item of index ind

Getting started

First create the magitech craft table with:
/drop pc_soul_craft_table

And generate some ressources to craft the objects:
/drop pc_block_glass 999


Pipes connect gates. You cannot connect two gates or devices if there is not at least one intermediate pipe. Pipes allow light to pass through, with the exception of the opaque black pipes which are used for specific cases such as displays.

A pipe just connect Outputs to Inputs, don’t contains any souls, and instantantly propagate signals. If there is a signal, the pipe will glow. The color of the light will indicate approximately the value of the signal.

A signal can be a binary value (on/off), or a number, like an “analog” signal. Two signals can be combined to sum this number.

Manual pipes

By default the pipes connect in each direction, but in the same style as the slopes for the blocks, there is a widget to choose different types of pipes (on to top left of the screen when a pipe is selected on the hotbar).

Widget image

Manual pipes allows you to gain some ground by placing different pipes side to side.

Bus image


Bridges allows you to cross two pipes. Just press R on a pipe to create a bridge.

Bridge image


  • Two bridges side by side will not let the signal flow.
  • A bridge in input or output of a gate will not let the signal flow.

Input and output types

The color of IO determine it’s type:

  • Red: Input that can consume souls
  • Orange: Readonly input
  • Green: Binary output
  • Blue: Standard “analog” output

When you want to create digital circuit, for digital inputs prefer orange inputs to red inputs. Orange inputs will never miss an input signal as they are readonly, and read the signals before they can be consumed.

Red inputs depend on the order of the circuit and can gives unexpected results. They are mainly used as “powering” inputs.

Here is an example of XOR gate that uses AND gates with red inputs.
The first time you will trigger the inputs, the AND gates will consume one soul and store it on their internal buffer, and therefore the outputs will be incorrect.

Here is an example of XOR gate that uses AND gates with orange inputs.
It works perfectly even the first time, unlike the other example.

Try it yourself

Basic XOR:


Readonly XOR:



Many gates, like NOT, requires a power input. But that does not mean that they will consume souls. This kind of gates have generaly an internal buffer, that will requests souls from the power input. But when this internal buffer is full, the gate should not request any souls, except if the souls on the outputs are “consummed” by another device afterwards.

A well-designed logic circuit will not consume souls after starting.


You can copy examples from here and paste them directly into the game with V.